Einblick/Ausblick 2020Jahresausstellung der Muthesius Kunsthochschule

Ecuador Drawings

Jonas Fischer

  • Bachelorprojekt, Sommersemester 2020
  • Prof. Markus Huber

Laserdruck auf Recyclingpapier, 100 Seiten

In early 2020 I went to Ecuador to get to know the place a bit, have a bit of vacation and to prepare for a graphic novel a scientist and I were planning to work on.
This zine contains most of the drawings I made during the three weeks I was there.
Thanks to everyone who made the trip possible and special.

The zine will be available after Einblick/Ausblick. Hit me up on Instagram: @jns_fschr
Edition of 50.

Kontakt: www.jonas-fischer.design